Marilyn’s Monday Morning Message – Jelled Leadership

Marilyn's Monday Morning Message - Jelled Leadership
One of the in-home science projects that I was taught at an earlier age was how to make Jell-O.  It was amazing to observe how crystals emptied from a box into a bowl with the correct amounts of hot and cold water, stirred and then refrigerated for a time transformed into an eatable substance.
The Jell-O displayed qualities such as flexibility and could move from side to side, was appealing to the taste because of the flavor, represented nourishment, was colorful and flexible and could be used as a dessert or salad.
The finished product could be carved into different shapes and adorned with other condiments to accessorize its look as well.  At the same time, it became apparent that the quality and the life of the Jell-O was directly related to the environment in which it was placed once jelled-if too cold, it could freeze and if too warm, it could revert to liquid.
So what can we learn from this Jell-O Story and its relationship to leadership?   Below are a few of my thoughts:
1.  It takes time for leadership to develop and there are certain core ingredients that must be blended to reach this class
2.  Sustaining leadership is aligned with factors that are present in its internal and external environment
3.  Flexibility in leadership is essential to manage the expected and unexpected-a little zig and zag
4.  Leadership has many forms and styles and its impact aligns with emphasis placed on any one or more qualities of the leader
5.  Leadership can be heightened by appearance — Is it transparent, ethical, aligned with goals, inclusive, empowering, nurturing, assertive, consistent, and measurable?

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